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Hospital Optimization

Pariscribe Radiology

Pariscribe Radiology leverages the latest technology to deliver a workflow-centric solution built within over 10 years of real world implementations.

  • Registration Intuitive workflow-driven registration process
  • Schedule and resource management
  • Billing includes easy submission and reconciliation
  • Ability to customize care plan templates based on a diagnosis
  • Referral Management tools including a Referral Portal, Referral scheduling and templates
  • PACS integration service
  • Integrated Fax Service
  • Library of standard reports with the capability of customized reports
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Hospital Optimization

Audiologist Application

An iPad based mobile application developed for Audiology Clinic. This enables audiologist to capture data during a visit. This also includes a user friendly way to plot the audiogram data.

  • Developed Custom Controls for Audiotory Brain Stem
  • Response Hearing Parameters
  • Chart that controls which draws the parmeters from the audiogram devices
  • Hearing Equipment and equipment Programming Data
  • Audiometric Results
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Hospital Optimization

Cardiology Console

Developed remote console for radiogram

Technologies used include:
- RabbitMQ (communcation framework)
- Xcode 6.0.1
- VTK/VES (3D rendering framework)
- OpenEars Library, CMU Sphinx (Offline Speech Conversion

  • Used for Cardiac Ablation surgeries
  • Interacts with the operation theatre equipment
  • Get real time visuals and feeback from patient’s internal organs
  • More insight into the patient’s state
  • Reduces total cost and number of persons involved in the surgery
  • Control function of the equipment connected to the patients heart
  • East storage and retrievel of data in hospital/clinic database
  • Higher precision for patient examining
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Hospital Optimization

Medical Imaging

2D and 3D Image Generation and Registration over DICOM

  • Data Acquisition
  • Image Processing
  • Standard Compliance
  • Clinical Applications
  • Application Frameworks.
  • Middleware for modality machinges
  • Workflow Appliation
  • Information Systems
  • Modality Integration